Case Two
18 year old SWB gelding previously shown Grand PRix, recently purchased as schoolmaster.
Problems: very stiff, intermittently lame (unlevel), dangerous to groom and tack due to defensive
kicking and other aggressive behaviors. Unwilling to stretch or use topline. (So aggressive that
I was barely able to touch him at his first session.)

Initial evaluation photos (more to be posted soon)

Note flexed knees, overdeveloped and tense underside of neck, inverted topline,
sharpness of pectoral development, sour expression

Progress over many several sessions: left photo is in April, right is in June.
At 19 he was sounder and a much more willing teacher for his amateur rider
than at 18. Before treatment, he was unwilling to stretch forward and would
get increasingly unlevel with any attempts to stretch. He is a much happier
fellow now and stretches willingly on the lunge and is safe to groom and work around.
Happily doing 4th level+ work for his person.

Increasing length of topline and ease of stretch.

Treatment included: visceral and vascular releases, TTOUCH approaches for behavior work, extensive
fascial releases, stretching and work and stabling modifications.