Alternative Dismounts: Rephrased

Alternative phrases for those unfortunate moments when rider
and horse unintentionally part company (at least on the rider's part!):

Of course one of the best I can't quite recall a rider who had taken a pretty spectacular fall into a deep sandy area came up spitting out dirt from every orifice she cracked something about "Becoming one with the earth" or "So that's what they mean about 'Dust to Dust'" it had very religious overtones that put the rest of the group into hysterically laughing fits...

I'll have the Mary Wanless video taping report to y'all in a few days - 'twas very fun and the tapes should be *very* enlightening. The exercise tape was shot over the past few days and aside from now needing copious amounts of aloe vera over several areas of my bod, it served to put *my* exercise regime into high gear! BTW, They do NOT lie when they say the camera adds pounds!!! ACCCCK! (Is it too late to have a blue dot over my face? and thighs? and butt? oh shoot....)

Later, work beckons,

Posh (now named the WonderTwinkie due to idiot behavior during taping... "But mom, there was this HUGE dog in the bushes!") Banner ("Harrumph, *I* would never have spooked...but did they ask *me*? Noooooooooooooooo....)