Images of Klaus
Taken by M. Hallmark during the Fall 1997 USET Training session in Southern California
Intended only for study of position and training, no endorsement or commercial purpose.
Mid half-halt 
Also a clear moment of positive DAP with the 
horse's hind leg landing before the foreleg. 
A study of the leg position, heel farther back than the 
suggested ideal, but it clearly works for this rider!
Can we say "stuck in the saddle"? 
There is nothing un-toned about these buns! 
Holds the vertical trunk position so well. I'm aware he 
very much holds his position despite what the horse 
A great moment to see his leg position, with parallel thighs. 
You can see an entire *smiling* face between his calf and 
the horse's side.
A half halt moment at canter, I believe. This is as open in 
trunk-thigh angle as I've ever seen him.
Lovely moment  - So much is going right -- as a good 
friend once said, "He could ride a 55 gallon drum and 
make it look awesome!"  Absolutely no disrespect 
intended for the lovely horse shown on this page! 
(Leslie Morse's GP gelding Fello) 
Again, a great moment. (I played with the contrast a bit to 
make the outline of the rider more clear.) He maintains the 
shoulder-hip-ankle lineup so well, a real model of how to 
do it right.