Photo Gallery 2

Part Two: American Sporthorse

Note: since 1995 American Sporthorse has required ASTM/SEI protective helemts while riding or driving - 
these photos may not reflect our current safety standards.
(This may take a bit - be good to your body and get up and strech for a minute while it loads)
Sandy driving Puritan through the cones with some
"white knuckle" passengers, just notice who's smiling!
Sandy drives again
Sandy & Puritan (by Pilgrim, SWB)
Gettin' down and dirty, attacking the water en route to winning the D'Arcangel CDE, Tres Pinos, CA
Epi & Sandy go sploooshing 1993
Driven dressage winners
Puritan & Sandy, cleaned up and cleaning up in their driven dressage
Sandy between roundsDressed up to Drive
"I drive because the hats are so cool!"
The American Sporthorse 1996 & 1997 CQA Quadrille Champions!
Right to left: Anne on Posh, Sandy on Pajaro, Jane Escola on Johannes, Sue Holt on Winsome
Cumpulsory Test - a winning moment as Sandy signals a turn
Posh (as a true youngster) chowing and lookin' mighty cute at his first Championship Show in 1994.
(Photo by D. Keogh)Posh 1995
BannerBanner strutting his stuff at 3rd level (Pilgrim son) (S Scott photo)
My how they change...Banner at 2 weeks.Baby Bunz
PoshyPosh at 1st level  (S Scott photo)
Banner thinks there *might* be snakes...At Moorpark, Banner being his silly Swedish self
Jumping at Ram Tap, CA
Pilgrim as a young fellow
Rafters, Chief Kitty and lord of the Barn and Sofa


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