Boarders and Miscellaneous Gallery

What? Me serious?


Juniors putting on the Ritz


Shmoozing at the water hole: Banner, Andy & Pajaro


Costumes Galore at the Coastal Classic: 2004 Winner
Photo credit Karen Nevis


It takes a village to get some folks through the warm-up!

Large or small, we quadrille them all
Sue Holt and Erica Poseley

2003 Barn Holiday Party
Val, Eryka, Emily, Janah, Sandy, Andrea, Michelle, Colleen, John, and Natalie

Who says dressage isn't hard work?

Sandy and Andrea show off their 2003 Championship Coats


Yeah, Dressage Horses need their beauty sleep too! 
Hey Jo takes a nap between tests at Rancho Murieta


The beach is nearby and sometime pretty exciting!
Pilgrim & Sandy on the Pacific frontier


Riding with Christine Stuckleberger and Michelle Gibson: 
On the left Anne & Posh, right Chelsey Sibley


Rafters is the Main Teaching Cat and Supervisor of All


Erica Cummings on Pajaro
Graduate of the Riding School, now a horse owner

Anne & Barbro
First and Second in the BIG CDS First Level HOY class 2004

(Pilgrim - Finesse - Chrysos)
A wonderful fellow & teacher to many
1989 - 2004


Looking forward to that next test...


Andrew, the resident gentle giant


Sue Holt, past assistant to Sandy with her Young Rider horse Winsome, at the FEI jog


Sue and Winnie preparing for a good ride


Sandy, Heidi and Tanya confer at Pebble Beach; with Team Dog Mr. Jowski supervising


Christmas Photos are always fun

Sapphire and Syrano discussing what its like to be a young Dutch bay warmblood


Sapphire in her first year of showing


Anne's first event
Pebble Beach Bird Rock course on Clyde Kadiddlehopper


Anne and Posh
Returning to competition after his founder and her achilles' rupture
2004 Zone 10 Champions at PSG

Queen of all she surveys


King Pooch and Player of All Things

Assistant Pooch & Jowski Chew Toy

"Um...has anyone seen Janah...or my tennis ball?"


1985 - 2000
A little guy with a big heart