Photo Gallery

Part One: The B&W archives from years past

Bull Market & Sandy Howard
Stanford Arena late 1970's

IEO York, PA 1980

 Grand Prix at Devon 1980

Freestyle at Stanford arena

IEO York 1980

As a very young horse! Circa 1969

Sandy & Bull Market
Grand Prix at Pebble Beach, CA

Bully: Medium @ Pebble Beach 1983


Clyde Kadiddlehopper & Anne Howard: 
Ram Tap Horse Trials 1983
Clyde: Ram Tap horse Trials 1983               Pebble Beach Horse trials 1981
  Sandy had a jumping career prior to dressage!


Anne's Early Grooming Days with BullyAnne & Bully, in the very early days











Maxel, TB gelding and Sandy 1978

Maxel had special holiday talents

Maxel and Sandy at Pebble Beach at 4th Level

William, TB gelding at First Level

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